A downloadable game for Windows

A Golem is commanded to remove an evil spirit from a town, but is there something more? 

Made for the 1 Map challenge over on RPG maker forum

EDIT; Due to problems and myself being stupid, gonna just pull it from Browser Player and make it only downloadable executable. 

YanFly - Core Engine
YanFly - BattleAICore (Used to remove shadows)
YanFly - MoveRouteCore
YanFly - MessageCore

whtdragon for the Golem map sprite. 
YanFly for the plugins
ShadowHawk for the battle sprites.
Everything else was basic or DLC/Free packs from ENTERBRAIN, INC. 

One Map Game Challenge Data:

1 map
10 events on the map
7 switches + 5 Variables (Do Self Switches count?) 


Heart-Of-Golem.zip 950 MB

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